Eliminating musculoskeletal pain and preventing unnecessary surgeries

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MyoLab Therapy is designed with a specific approach to each specific pain. 

What is affecting you?



MyoLab Therapy it relies on a totally different perspective to eliminate your pain.

First: it is a different perspective of pain

That x-ray of your degenerated joint, worn cartilage, damaged vertebrae, or arthritis often has nothing to do with your pain. Your pain is much more likely to come from strain or trigger points in the muscle, fascia, tendons, or ligaments. They don't show up on your x-ray, but they respond easily to the right therapy.

Second: determine the true source

You have to feel the tissue. What will reproduce the pain and what will relieve it? This determines how to proceed. THAT determines what should be done instead of forming a theory based on a picture.

Third: And most importantly... What is the treatment?

These tissues respond to deep manual therapy to release them, not pills or injections. Releasing them normally eliminates the pain. The key is how to do this in a way that the patient can feel relief during therapy.

Fourth: remove the deeper problem.

After the pain is removed, the source must be removed so that it does not return. That means working deep into the muscle or fascia where the pain originates.

Whatever your problem, it's always best to start with the least invasive treatment. That means no drugs, no surgeries, no extremes. MyoLab Therapy it has no side effects.

Eliminating pain and preventing unnecessary surgeries

Chronic pain can often be easily eliminated. The reason why this is not the case is that the source of the pain is often unclear.

MyoLab Therapy focuses on the true source of musculoskeletal pain – the soft tissues:

the soft tissues. These tissues respond quickly to correct manual techniques.

Relief or elimination of pain can usually be experienced in the first session.

Chronic pain

You don't have to endure that chronic pain. It is not the result of aging or an inevitable consequence of an accident or surgery.

Sports injuries

We offer injury prevention, increased performance and fast recovery from sports injuries.


Persistent pain that remains after surgeries or accidents are almost always soft tissue problems and can be easily eliminated.

Occupational injuries

Repetitive strain injuries and muscle contractures can be easily eliminated without medication, injections or surgery.


"I had a sprained ankle and after 10 sessions of physical therapy the pain persisted and I ended up going to Duane, he did something I don't know how to describe with his magic hands and today I don't have any pain in my ankle, thanks Duane"


"Although I was already scheduled for surgery on my shoulder, a couple of weeks before, my son convinced me to go see Duane. I couldn't lift my arm and the pain was constant. The doctor had told me that the MRI showed that I had three ruptured tendons. During the therapy I realized I didn't need surgery. I could lift my arm without pain. I did not need surgery! Today I have recovered 90% mobility in my shoulder and I no longer feel pain"

Hernán Vásquez

NOTE: There are times when what appears to be a specific condition might not be the source of the pain or dysfunction.

"Dr. Duane's therapies are unique, due to their immediate results, professionalism, efficiency and enormous responsibility. I went to him. I’m certain that there is no comparable alternative and have recommended him to friends with results at the highest level of satisfaction and excellence."


"Delighted. I allow myself to say that after having an inflammation of the sciatic nerve and having undergone different treatments, exercises, massages and infiltrations, nothing worked. In a single session with Duane the pain disappeared more than 25 days ago and I have not felt any discomfort again."

83 years old. Chairman of the board of directors of a hospital. He had been told by 5 specialists that he needed spinal surgery.

"Seven years ago, I had some back surgeries, but I was left with continuous pain. I have visited at least 5 physical therapists. When I found Duane, I was amazed at the effectiveness of his therapies. The pain disappeared and I was able to get off the medication. I had never felt such relief. Wilson Luna Industrial Engineer."


"I am an 80-year-old patient with severe hip osteoarthritis, very limited in my movements and in a lot of pain. The orthopedist told me that I needed surgery. With Duane Dobrowolski's therapies, not only did I regain a lot of mobility, but my pain was also greatly reduced."


"I came to Duane because several people referred him to me. He is an excellent professional, friendly and very knowledgeable in his area. Duane helped me with severe lower back pain and my dad with pain in his hip. Today, thanks to him, we already feel super good. Recommending Duane with closed eyes."


"I am an active person, I like to exercise but a while ago a part of my body began to hurt, the left hip and thigh. I took several sessions of physiotherapy and the relief was short. With Duane's therapies, the recovery was very fast. Thank you, Duane"


"I know what it is to live with pain and I know the frustration of not being able to get rid of it. After two traffic accidents and 26 years of a lot of pain, I had to have surgery on my cervical spine. They removed two discs, they put two prostheses and some titanium hooks. The pain persisted after surgery. I have tried many treatments: acupuncture, neural therapy, ozone therapy, and plasma. I benefited from all of them. But Dr. Dubrowlski's technique is truly extraordinary. His hands know every muscle of the body perfectly and always find the source of tension. Living without pain is possible. I understood this with MyoLab Therapy.